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1 Day at Bryce Canyon National Park

Updated: May 19

After an overnight stop in Las Vegas, we arrived at Bryce Canyon National Park in the early afternoon. We checked into a motel just outside the park and then entered the park to explore. We visited a couple of viewpoints and hiked a short way down into the canyon. Bryce Canyon, with its vast vistas of crimson-colored hoodoos, is truly magnificent. We were able to capture some beautiful photos of the park.

For our sunrise experience, we decided to visit the Bryce Point Overlook, and we were not disappointed. The view was amazing, and the morning light in the amphitheater was truly beautiful. We were able to capture some stunning photos of the sunrise at Bryce Point.

Lorna’s Tips and Lessons

The hooks for the headrest of our truck have proven to be quite useful. They allow us to conveniently hang items such as hats or purses. In addition, we have found it helpful to keep a roll of paper towels within reach while traveling. By placing the paper towels in a small trash bin designed for vehicles and hanging it on a hook, we have found an ideal location to keep them accessible whenever we need them.

Our next stop was the Grand Canyon North Rim.


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