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Day Trip to San Juan Scenic Byway

Updated: May 23

We took a day trip to the San Juan Scenic Byway up Hwy. 145 starting in Delores Colorado. The byway is a 236-mile-long route that winds through some of the most stunning scenery in the state, including the San Juan Mountains, the Million Dollar Highway, and the Uncompahgre National Forest. Driving along this scenic took us through breathtaking landscapes of towering peaks, meandering rivers, and deep canyons and since it was fall the foliage was spectacular.

We also got to experience some of the most charming mountain towns in Colorado. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, wildlife watching, and taking in stunning vistas. It's a road trip you won't forget!

Snow capped San Juan Mountains with a cloudy blue sky
San Juan Mountains

Aspen and Pine growing together on a hillside with the Aspen, a bright yellow
Aspen and Pine

Trees with yellow fall foliage, lighting the river with a blue sky
Along the Dolores River

Pine and Aspen in front of a cliff with a cloudy blue sky
Pine and Aspen

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Lorna's Tips and Lessons

Despite being called "Summer in Colorado," our trip ended up having a healthy dose of fall and winter weather as well. As a Southern California native, I get cold easily. That's why I'm so grateful for hand warmers - they're a lifesaver when the temperatures drop. I always make sure to keep a stash of them in the trailer, so they're never too far away when I need them. And hand warmers don't just come in handy on camping trips - I even bring them to Padre evening games at Petco Park, where the cool ocean breeze can send shivers down my spine. In fact, I recently upgraded to a rechargeable hand warmer, so I'm always prepared for those chilly moments. With my trusty hand warmers in tow, I'm ready to take on whatever weather comes my way!


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