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Exploring the Wave of North Coyote Buttes

Updated: May 19

On our way out of the Grand Canyon, we drove north to Kanab and then east on 89 to the Paria Contact Station to check the conditions for our hike to the Wave of North Coyote Buttes the next day. The Wave is a well-known, colorful sandstone formation that is popular among hikers and photographers alike. The hike to the Wave is a 6-mile round-trip, and the route is marked using landmarks from the map provided when you get your permit. The Wave is a protected area, there is no trail, and only a limited number of hikers are allowed each day to preserve the location. (Link to Lottery)

After obtaining our permits, we drove to Page and checked into the Best Western Motel. We were told to expect rain overnight and into the next morning and, being uncertain about driving on the slick roads to the trailhead, we did some research and found a man who offered guiding services in the area. We arranged for him to drive us to the trailhead and pick us up for $200.00, which was well worth it as it involved a total of 4 hours of driving and we did not have a four-wheel drive vehicle at the time. We had no rain gear with us, so we made a stop at Walmart and got some oversized rain gear that would also cover our packs. Lorna said we looked like giant blue Smurfs.

Dale picked us up at the motel the next morning and confidently drove us to the trailhead in the rain. I think he thought we were crazy hiking in the rain and wind but he said he would be back at 3:00 PM to pick us up.

We made good time hiking out, considering the conditions, and when we got there, the main entrance was full of water, so we went around to another entrance. Lorna actually got blown over by a gust of wind.

The Wave of North Coyote Buttes

Once inside the Wave, we were protected from the wind, and after about 30 minutes, it stopped raining, and the sun came out. (photos) We had the area to ourselves for a couple of hours until 2 hikers showed up. They only stayed for a short time before moving on to explore other areas. We saw 3 other people as we were leaving and made it back to the trailhead with a half-hour to spare.

Right on time, our ride showed up to get us back to the motel.

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Lorna’s Tips and Lessons

After this trip, we purchased good rain gear which we have used many times. During this trip, we ended up using inexpensive gear that we bought from Walmart and we really did look like two Blue Smurfs. It was better than nothing.


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