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The Stunning Hoo-Doos of Stud-Horse Point

Updated: 4 days ago

I'm always on the hunt for hidden gems to share with my readers, and one that I can't recommend enough is the breathtaking Stud-Horse Point overlook in Page, Arizona. We've been lucky enough to visit three times and have been amazed each time by the stunning views, which can be reached by taking 89 North out of Page to Ferry Swale Rd. to Blue Pools Rd., then following this to Stud Horse Point Rd. before turning right on Wildcat Rd. and arriving at the overlook, where you'll be treated to a variety of hoo-doos in different sizes, all of which are absolutely amazing, as well as sweeping views all the way to Lake Powell, and even an old corral that we'll be writing about in a later post!

Two large Hoo-doos overlooking the desert floor
The largest hoo-doos

Lake Powell in the distance with a rock formation foreground
Lake Powell in the distance

The largest hoo-doo with a brilliant blue sky and boulders in the foreground
The largest hoo-doo

Mick and Lorna selfie at the overlook with lake Powell
Mick and Lorna

Lorna standing next to the big hoodoo with a brilliant blue sky
Lorna with the big hoo-doo

Sunburst at the top of the big hoodoo with a brilliant blue sky
Hoo-doo sunburst

Stud-Horse Point at Sunset

2 smaller hoo-doos with boulders scattered about at sunset
Small hoo-doo with the large one in the background.

2 smaller hoo-doos with boulders scattered about and pink clouds in a blue sky at sunset
2 smaller hoo-doos

a smallehoo-doo  painted a red color with a flashlight
Hoo-doo light painting

Thanks for looking!

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