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Itinerary: Quick Escapes to Joshua Tree National Park

Updated: May 19

We have been to Joshua Tree National Park many times and these are our 2 favorite campgrounds and additional nighttime images.

Stop 1: White Tank Campground

Arch Rock with boulders in front of it and they clear blue sky
Arch Rock

We use this campground for exploring the Arch Rock area.

Stop 2: Jumbo Rocks Campground

Our truck and trailer at the campground
Jumbo Rocks Campground

We stay here for our base camp to explore other areas of the park including Skull Rock, Barker Dam, Keys View, and Wall Street Mill Trail.

Stop 3: Neon Nights in Joshua Tree

A red and purple light painted Joshua trees with a starry sky
Light painting Joshua trees

I had fun 1 night out in the park by myself experimenting with gel filters.


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