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Utah-Arizona Road Trip

Updated: May 19

A few years ago, we were fortunate enough to secure a Wave permit through the online lottery. Although we prefer not to limit ourselves to just one day at each location, the timing of the trip in October and work constraints made it necessary for us to plan an 8-day, 6-location excursion. To accommodate the time constraints and frequent moves, we decided to stay in motels and lodges throughout the Utah-Arizona Road Trip.

Stop1: Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon Thors hammer hoodoo
Bryce Canyon

One night at Bryce just isn't enough. It's on the list for a longer visit.

Stop 2: Grand Canyon North Rim

Grand Canyon National Park north rim with a cloudy sky
Grand Canyon National Park

The views were amazing. Sometimes the weather cooperates.

Stop 3: The Wave

Lorna at the wave, sculpted sandstone
The Wave

The hike and the scenery were amazing. We weren't sure about the weather but it turned out amazing.

Stop 4: Upper Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon light beam with orange walls
Upper Antelope Canyon

This was my 2nd time here and Lorna's first. The canyon never ceases to impress.

Stop 5: Monument Valley

Monument Valley showing buttes from Ford's point
Monument Valley

This was our 1st time here but not our last. We had a wonderful time on a guided tour.

Stop 6: Sedona

Beautiful rock formation with a cloudy sky
Sedona AZ

A perfect stop on the way home with beautiful views.


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