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8 National Parks From the Sierras to the Rockies

Updated: May 21

This trip started in San Diego and covered 6,000 miles and 6 weeks through 9 locations including 8 National Parks.

Stop 1: Kings Canyon NP in California

The king river flowing through Kings Canyon with trees and cliffs
Kings Canyon National Park

This trip starts in Kings Canyon National Park. Even though it's in Southern California this was our first time there.

Stop 2: Sequoia NP in California

Close-up of giant sequoia, trees, and the sunshine
Sequoia National Park

This was our 3rd time in Sequoia National Park. Because there is so much to see and we enjoy it and it is so close to home.

Stop 3: Huntington Lake

Lake with a sailboat and mountains in the background
Huntington Lake

This is an annual trip we do with a bunch of friends. We take 2 days to get there from San Diego, which is a stop on quite a few trips.

Stop 4: Crater Lake NP

Brilliant blue lake, surrounded by the crater walls with wizard island
Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park is amazing with clean air and clear blue water. Like most National parks there is so much to see. The highlight was the boat tour to Wizard Island.

Stop 5: Mount Rainier NP

The glacier covered mountain with a blue sky and mist in the valley
Mt. Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier National Park was beautiful with its glaciers and clouds in the valleys.

Don't forget the trip to Sunrise which was a highlight.

Stop 6: North Cascades NP

The turquoise colored water surrounded by mountains and pine trees
North Cascades National Park

This is a trip we did with some friends living in Northern Washington. We camped with them in Rockport WA on the Skagit River and spent more time with them in and around the campground than we did in the park. We did enjoy the time we spent in the park.

Stop 7: Glacier NP

Lost lake with the mountains, shrouded in mist
Glacier National Park

Our 1st time at Glacier National Park, we enjoyed the hikes and beautiful scenery. We took the trip to the Canadian side of the park.

Stop 8: Yellowstone NP Again

Orange grass in a meadow, with pine trees in mountains in the background
Yellowstone National Park

This was our 2nd two-week trip to Yellowstone National Park so we tried to do things we didn't do on the first trip.

Stop 9: Grand Teton NP Again

Large bull moose in a meadow, surrounded by trees
Grand Teton National Park

This was our 2nd trip to Grand Teton National Park and it was a whole different experience. We only had one and a half days in the park on our first trip so this was special

First stop: Kings Canyon NP


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