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Lilly's Harness Training

Updated: May 24

Harness training a cat can be a rewarding and enriching experience for both the cat and its owner. While cats are known for their independent nature, with patience and positive reinforcement, they can learn to tolerate and even enjoy wearing a harness. Harness training allows cats to safely explore the outdoors while maintaining control and preventing them from running off or getting into dangerous situations. It is important to start the training process gradually, allowing the cat to get accustomed to wearing the harness indoors before venturing outside. By associating the harness with positive experiences such as treats and playtime, cats can learn to associate the harness with positive rewards. Training sessions should be short, consistent, and carried out in a calm environment to help the cat adjust gradually. With time and patience, many cats can become comfortable and confident wearing a harness, opening up a whole new world of outdoor adventures while ensuring their safety.

As you can see Lilly is loving her harness. She can hear us undo the velcro from another room and come running. She is getting ready for our upcoming trips.


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