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Searching for Sky Rock Petroglyphs

Updated: May 19

The Sky Rock Petroglyphs sit facing the sky in the volcanic  tablelands
The Sky Rock Petroglyphs

The Sky Rock Petroglyphs are a set of ancient carvings etched onto a large boulder that faces the sky, earning them their name. They are located a few miles northeast of Bishop, CA, on the volcanic tablelands. I had long wanted to photograph these petroglyphs, and finally had the opportunity to visit the site. On my first visit, I spent about four hours exploring the area, climbing over boulders and skirting the occasional rattlesnake but eventually realized I was in the wrong location. Determined to see the petroglyphs, I returned the next day. On my way out, I noticed a field of wildflowers that I thought would make a beautiful subject for sunrise photography.

The next morning, we arrived before sunrise and made our way out into the field of wildflowers. We captured some beautiful shots with the Eastern Sierra Mountains as a backdrop.

Afterward, I returned to the tablelands and finally found the Sky Rock Petroglyphs. They were truly amazing, and after examining them for a while, I took some photographs. Afterward, I made my way back to the car, content with my successful visit.

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