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The Giants in Sequoia NP

Updated: Feb 17

Sequoia National park is named for the Giant Sequoia trees that populate it. The western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains are the only place in the world where they grow. The Giant sequoia is the largest tree by volume with the Coastal redwood in Northern California being the tallest.

The Generals Hwy is the road that connects the 2 parks and their giant groves. As you drive down the Generals Hwy from Hwy 180 there are many pull-outs where you can get out and explore. You can’t really appreciate just how massive these trees are until you stand next to one.

Further down the road, you come to the Congress Trail where you will find the General Sherman Tree which is the largest living tree in the world by volume and the largest single living organism in the world.

Another area to explore is The Giant Forest with its hiking trails through the big trees and the Giant Forest Museum.

Crystal Cave is accessed from a road off Generals Highway not too far from the Giant Forest Museum. There is a steep half-mile walk down a path through a beautiful shaded forest. At the bottom just before you get to the cave you are treated to some small cascading falls and it's a beautiful area to just sit and relax. Crystal Cave is an excellent marble cavern with a half-mile loop trail through it. The only way to visit is on a guided tour so be sure to get your tickets before you get to the cave. Remember the steep half-mile walk down, well you have to walk back up but it isn't too bad. You can take your time and enjoy the walk through the shaded forest back to the parking area.

Take a drive down Crescent Meadow Road to the parking lot and Hike out to Moro Rock with its magnificent view. We had been to the park before but never made the time to do this short drive and hike. We were with our daughter and her family on this trip and it was a lot of fun walking up the path to the top and the viewing area. The view was magnificent.

Lorna’s Tips and Lessons

This is where I have seen the most bears. So much of the time it has been on the side of the road while driving. My tip is to keep your binoculars & camera in a place you don’t have to dig for. Often that eagle or bear is traveling and you don’t want to miss it while you are trying to find your binoculars or camera.

The next stop is Huntington Lake


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