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House on Fire Ruins

Updated: May 24

During our journey to Natural Bridges National Monument, we stumbled upon the hidden gem of House on Fire - an American Indian ruins site that we discovered with the help of a fellow traveler we met at Arches National Park. After arriving at the trailhead at Mule Canyon and signing in at the kiosk we began trekking through a stream bed. It was an easy hike of a little over a mile and was beautiful. The trail wasn't marked but you just had to keep your eyes open and scan the canyon walls as you went. The ruin was on the right side as you made your way down the stream bed. We arrived at the ruins just in time to capture the stunning fire effect created by the morning light reflecting off the canyon walls. You can hike farther up the canyon to view more ruins but we were told that these first ruins were the best and most preserved. This was truly an unforgettable experience that we can't wait to share with you!

hiker, sitting on a ledge in front of the house on fire ruin
Lorna at the House on Fire ruin

Sunlight makes the cliff above the ruins, look like it's on fire
House on Fire

Close-up of the orange colored cliff walls above the Indian ruins
House on Fire


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